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Juvenescent Wellness  Recreation for Seniors

Juvenescent [joo-vuh-nes-uh nt] adjective.  

1. being or becoming youthful; young.

2. young in appearance.

3. having the power to make young or youthful


About Us

Juvenescent Wellness provides seniors with private, 1:1,

in-home recreational activities and programs. We help seniors enhance their social, intellectual, emotional and physical well-being by engaging them in programs that foster confidence, self-worth, expression, and freedom of choice. We cater to the specific needs of each person.

Juvenescent Wellness brings high quality companionship to people so that they may remain independent in an environment that is comfortable and familiar. 

Our goal is to support seniors living within Toronto, and to increase quality of life.

Healing Hands

What is Wellness?

“Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – The World Health Organization.


Benefits of Recreational Activities

Recreational activities can contribute to a senior’s overall health and happiness. Juvenescent Wellness recreation specialists often engage seniors in crafts, exercise, puzzles and games, and walks to help maintain or restore motor skills and brain functioning. Here are four ways in which recreational activities can help you.

1. Enhances Physical Health

Recreational activities can help you overcome physical challenges due to past injuries or ill health. You may participate in activities that can help you remain physically fit, and the activities can be customized according to your needs and abilities. Some examples include walking, seated exercises, and chair yoga. These activities can increase your:




Joint flexibility

2. Increases Socialization

Isolation can lead to depression and loneliness in seniors, which makes them susceptible to heart disease, stroke, obesity, and other health conditions. Recreational activities have a variety of social benefits, and our recreation specialists offer companionship and support. By maintaining/developing social skills through leisure activities you can keep isolation and depression at bay.

3. Boosts Cognitive Function

Recreation specialists work with seniors to maintain or restore cognitive functioning which keeps the mind fit and active. By finding the right set of activities for you a recreation expert can help slow cognitive decline. These activities help increase alertness, enhance problem-solving skills, and keep the brain stimulated.

Some of the therapeutic recreation activities that can enhance cognitive function include:

Trivia games




4. Eliminates Stress

Therapeutic recreation activities can elevate your mood and emotional health by eliminating stress. By engaging in meaningful activities you can develop a real sense of purpose in life. Recreational activities give you a positive way to manage your current health conditions, and other stressors. Whenever you become overwhelmed you can use recreational therapy to boost your mood and maintain a stronger sense of self instead of stressing about things that cannot be changed.


Recreation Services

Creative Expression

Adult Colouring

Simple to elaborate designs.

Accompany To & From Appointments

Appointment Companion

Seniors can book their appointment at a time that is convenient for them, without relying on family and friends, or having to work around someone else’s schedule.

Fine Motor Skills

Arts & Crafts

Seasonal and holiday arts and crafts.

Cognitive Function

Cards, Puzzles & Games

Laugh and feel like a kid again.

Flexibility and Body Awareness

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga may help with symptoms of many health issues including: hypertension (high blood pressure), anxietychronic fatigue syndromearthritisclinical depression, and chronic pain. Chair Yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available. Complicated maneuvers and complex movements are not present in a chair yoga program. 


Cooking & Baking

Easy recipes to make taste buds happy, and spark conversation about old recipes and fond memories.

Strengthen, and Prevent Falls


Exercise programs are tailored to each person's needs.

Pamper, and Improve Mood

Fingernail Painting

 We paint ONLY fingernails, no toes.  We do not cut nails.

Mental Stimulation


Reading short stories and literature aloud.

Be Comfortable with Technology

Technical Support

Basic troubleshooting for cellphones, tablets, and laptops.

Stimulate the Mind & Use Critical Thinking

News & Views

Read news articles and other topics of interest to stay up to date on what's going on in the world, and discussion.

Program Tailored to Client Interests

Interest Based Activities

Activities that do not fall under the categories listed. Through assessment and discussion a program will be created to suit the person's specific interests.

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