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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free consultations before we decide on a recreation professional?

Yes, new clients receive a free, 1-hour consultation with a recreation specialist. The client's needs and interests will be assessed, and any questions will be answered to ensure Juvesnescent Wellness is a right fit.

Is recreation right for me/my loved one?

Recreation is right for anyone who wants to live to their fullest potential and improve his or her quality of life. Juvenescent Wellness supports seniors who are living with stroke, mild dementia and Alzheimer’s, bereavement, social isolation, depression, anxiety, and physical disability, or anyone who wants to make a positive change. Recreation helps seniors who would like to:

  • Reclaim a sense of independence

  • Age in the comfort his or her home and avoid moving to a care facility

  • Increase fun and contentment

  • Improve strength and balance to prevent falls

  • Better manage a health challenge

  • Relieve stress and anxiety

  • Develop new skills and interests

  • Increase memory retention and recall

  • Delay cognitive decline

  • Feel motivated and express him/herself

Are your practitioners certified professionals?

Our specialist has a B.A. in Psychology and a diploma in Activation/Gerontology. The specialist has 7 years experience with the senior population having volunteered and worked in hospice (palliative care), long-term care, and older adult centre.

Are your services offered in languages other than English?

No, our services are currently only offered in English. Our specialist does have experience working with a multicultural senior population in Toronto.

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